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I have a high-end car so was nervous to bring it in to any mechanic. But I had a great experience and I highly recommend Lynn's. The staff was very helpful, was always pleasant, did a terrific job diagnosing and then replacing my car's air conditioner. The cost was reasonable, they got it done on time.

I HATE writing reviews....even though I've never actually written one, but boy do I LOVE to read them especially when I'm trying to find somebody competent to fix whatever problem I'm having, so here goes.....short and sweet!!  THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!!  I am a single Mom w/ limited income.  I took my car there for a "second opinion" after being told it needed a new a/c system for $1500 last year.  To make a long story short, it just needed a new sensor.  Unfortunately, the time involved to change that sensor was significant so my estimate was $572 (still way better  than $1500 right) with a promise that if they could find a way to do it quicker once they started tearing into it - they would.  Lynn's called me back in 3 hours and the job was done!!  Honest???  What kinda place has an approved repair for $575 and calls you back and tells you its done earlier and for hundreds less??  Need I say more.  The a/c appears to be working great ( is only February), but I have the utmost in confidence that my a/c will not be failing me any time soon.  If anything changes, I'll let you know.  Marco and Guys are the best!!  Thanks again!!!

I was referred to Lynn's by my brother (and yes, my brother does know the where to and how to of car).  I asked my brother where I could have my sisters VW checked for an air conditioning problem, and he told me to bring the car to Lynns.  
I brought the car in on a Sat morning, for an inspection so they could find out why the car's AC is not working.  We left the car here, we were told it will take them about 4hours since they are quite busy on Saturdays (and Saturdays are their short days, they leave at about 1pm).  We came back at around noon, only to find that they were still working on the car. 

-The basic diagnostic was complete, but they cannot figure out why AC is not working, apparently it is a bigger problem and might even be an electrical problem.  
-we need to bring the car back if we need them to conduct and electrical diagnostic. 
-They are too busy and can only do this job on a weekday since it will take a full day work. 

-They were so nice to refer me to another mechanic specializing in Electrical problems as they sensed my urgency to get the car fixed. 
-They did not charge me for the diagnostic since they could not detect the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! (I mean so easy would have been to take advantage of a young girl who knows nothing about cars). 

I regret not writing down names of the mechanics that helped me, they were so brutally honest, lol, and that is just what I needed. 

Thanks Lynn's!  I hope I don't have to go visit you anytime soon, but if I have the need (car problem), I will definitely stop by.

Women expect complete honesty from 3 main sources; their doctors, lovers and auto mechanics (children are expected to lie so they don't count). Unfortunately, only the doctor seems able to tell the truth with any consistency. Therefore, when a female Yelper finds an honest mechanic, she should shout about it. "HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING? AN HONEST MECHANIC!"


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