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Manny, a 25 year veteran of Lynn's is seen here leak testing
one of his many repairs.  Manny has 2 adult children, 16 and 23 years old. He  spent the summer with his wife Anna preparing for their oldest sons recent wedding, please join us in congratulating everyone involved!

Manny "JR" seen here installing an a/c compressor on a street
rod, he can also be found participating in one of many local sports venues.  He is a fan and active participant in basketball, running, and football.  Manny is a healthy and vibrant inspiration to us all.
ben rebuilding a high pressure hose
Ben has been with us for over 25 years.  He is highly proficient in a/c repair making the difficult look easy.  Seen here rebuilding a difficult to find high pressure a/c hose,  Ben has acquired a large following through the years.  His customers appreciate the unique calming confidence that comes from years of practicing his craft.  Ben is very accomplished in golfing and bowling, recently challenged by Bill on both, we will soon see who come out the winner. Mary Jane is his wife of 27 years, is admittedly the better bowler.   Father of 2 lovely children Ben jr (21) and Christopher (17). 

Manny "JR" and Ben helping a customer with a question about
his a/c condenser.  Everyone is always available to help with
some cool advice.

Linda has been with us since 1974.  With 3 beautiful daughters and 6 grandchildren, Linda is a daily blessing to all those around her.  She is always contributing her time and talents to work, family and church activities.  We are very fortunate to have her be a part of us.

Marco can always be found on the phone researching hard to find parts for Lynn's growing list of customers.  His 31 plus years of experience in a/c is priceless when it comes to getting you the right parts when the heat is on.  His wife of 25 years, Cristal is a treasured part of his life.  Marco has 2 adult children Gabriele (23) and Jonathan (18) and continues to contribute to their growth and happiness.

Bill's leadership at the Lynn's has brought us the deep and strong business ethics that allow for consistently good customer service.  He makes certain that your visit is a good one and provides the environment you want to be a part of and share with your neighbors.